10 Reasons to carpet your home.

With the wide variety of textures and colours available, home carpeting from Master Carpets will complement every room design and colour scheme. The fact is, they can’t be matched for sheer all-round performance and aesthetic appeal.
Here are several excellent reasons to bring the beauty of a Master Carpets floorcovering into your home.

1. Style
Supplied to you in various new ranges to take care of every decorating idea. Master Carpets’ latest luxurious top-of-the-range collection – Opulence – is designed from the finest stainproof, colourfast and crush-resistant SDX yarn technology (Solution Dyed Nylon for Xtreme conditions), giving you all the traditional warmth and comfort of home carpeting without the practical worries of stains and maintenance.

The new DIY Tile from Master Carpets gives you the freedom to create any design and colour combination without breaking the bank. Mix ‘n match boxes of peel ‘n stick carpet tiles offer affordable luxury that’s easy on the pocket – perfect to keep up with the latest trends!

2. Cleaner air
Carpets act like a sponge to trap dust and germs, and with regular vacuuming, can help improve the indoor air quality by keeping the air you breathe safe and free of dust and allergens.
Scientific studies have proven it’s the allergens in the air that cause allergic reactions such as asthma. Furthermore, synthetic carpets are not appealing “snack” food for undesirable bugs.

3. Easy maintenance
The simplicity of a once-over with a reliable, clean-filtered vacuum cleaner beats the sweeping, mopping and polishing of other floorcoverings any day!

A number of carpet ranges from Master Carpets are made from the hi-tech Stainproof Miracle Fibre or SDX making them easy to clean and supremely resistant to household spills and stains.

Carpets bearing these logos are colourfast so they won’t fade or discolour and can be cleaned with an equal solution of clear, household bleach and water. Home carpeting made from natural wool or nylon should be rinsed with one part vinegar to ten parts water.

Most residential carpeting from Master Carpets undergo the Ecowash cleaning process (in effect a factory steam clean) to remove the natural lubricants used during the manufacturing process and enhance the colour and texture of each carpet.

4. Added safety
Use the advantage of luxurious, non-slip carpeting underfoot to cushion those faulty footsteps, whether the first steps of a child or those of an ailing adult.

5. Easy on the pocket
Advances in fibre technology such as the Stainproof Miracle Fibre or SDX provide an attractive alternative that performs better than more expensive, perishable natural materials. Master Carpets offer a variety of ranges to suit any budget.

6. Spoiled for choice

Whether you desire sleek and smooth or rustic and chunky, Master Carpets’ ranges will have exactly what you need, available in the colour of your choice.

7. Cool or cosy
Reduce your heating bill and energy consumption this winter and banish cold floors forever! Residential carpets are warm in winter, cool in summer offering 10% better thermal insulation than other floorcoverings.

8. Better acoustics
The absorption properties of carpeting help reduce noise pollution and improve sound quality by minimising vibration and reflection – this is the reason for carpeting in our best movie theatres and sound studios.

9. Luxury and comfort
Orthopaedic specialist confirm that the superior underfoot cushioning from the soft, shock-absorbent surface of carpeting alleviates stress and fatigue on your back and joints.

10. Satisfaction guarantee
All carpets from Master Carpets carry a 5-Year Guarantee of superior material and craftsmanship across every range and a 10-Year warranty on tufted carpets.

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