Choosing the right carpet.

What is involved in residential carpeting prices?
Some people still think carpeting prices are expensive. That’s simply not true anymore. Modern fibres make carpeting from Master Carpets your most affordable and stylish choice of floorcovering. Make sure you get a written quote from a reputable dealer. Your quote will incorporate the following: The cost of the carpeting
Underlay (if needed)
Labour to remove existing carpeting and install the new one
Materials such as adhesives and doorway cover strips.

Do I have a wide variety of colours and ranges to choose from?
The variety of colours, textures and patterns available in the Master Carpets range is practically endless. You can choose styles to complement every room in your home.

How will residential carpeting affect dust and allergies?
The pile and fibres in a Master Carpets floorcovering trap dust until the next vacuum cleaning. So the quantity of airborne dust in carpeted rooms is much lower than in bare rooms, where dust is constantly disturbed by draughts and sweeping.

As airborne dust is a carrier of germs and allergens, these are reduced by the dust-trapping properties of a Master Carpets floorcovering. Home carpeting will not cause allergic reactions if regularly vacuumed, and is therefore an excellent choice for people with allergies to house-dust mites.

Can walking on carpets really alleviate strain on your back and joints?
Not only is a carpet from Master Carpets safe, but orthopaedic specialists confirm that they alleviate strain on backs and joints. Walking barefoot on carpeting also acts as reflex massage treatment.

How will residential carpeting help with heat insulation?
Master Carpets floorcovering provides superb thermal insulation. Carpeting not only feels warmer underfoot, but in fact retains 10% more ambient heat.

Will residential carpeting affect the noise levels in my house?
A Master Carpets floorcovering soaks up noise, thereby providing a more relaxed ambience in your home. With virtually no impact clatter or echo, you can also enjoy more balanced sound from your TV, DVD player and hi-fi.

How easy is it to maintain the look and feel of a Master Carpet?

A carpet from Master Carpets can be installed quickly, with no mess. They require minimum effort to clean and maintain – especially with Master Carpets’ unique EcoWash™ system and Stainproof Miracle Fibre™ features. And of course, they won’t crack, scratch, scuff or splinter. Modern fibres and tufting methods mean that a Master Carpets floorcovering will keep looking good for longer than ever before. Master Carpets back their products with comprehensive guarantees and warranties, giving you complete peace of mind.

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